Wednesday, June 13, 2007

12:05 AM

12:05AM That is the time I got home from the office tonight, or this morning.

12:35AM - curled up in bed with a bowl of tortellini for dinner, or would it be considered breakfast?

1:34AM - the time it is now as I type this as I can't unwind thinking about the work still left to do on my desk.

4:35AM - the time I will most likely wake up as the sun shines in my bedroom and I hear the pigeons cooing outside my window sill

6:00AM - the time I will finally drag myself out of bed to make a cup of coffee and a bowl of muesli, yogurt, half a granny smith apple and a handful of all bran on top. I will then curl up in bed again with my laptop to see if any of you out there have left me an email or a comment to say hi

7:30AM - the absolute latest time I can jump in the shower to give myself enough time to get ready for work

8:30AM - the time I will walk out the door to begin the day again.

5:00PM - the time I promise myself I will really leave the office.


Gordon said...


I've had days like that too, and once even managed to string 3 of them together... by day 4 my wife refused to let me go to work.

Be careful!

Katie said...

Can't your company set you up with a company laptop so you can work from home? At least then you won't be in the office until midnight.

clipp2nd said...

Now Now Now - you promised you would not go down that road again.

Eventually you will run out of countries to move to, to get away from the unbearable work schedules you keep, much easier to set an alarm clock to get yourself out at a reasonable hour.

Chris said...

Suuuuper Gordon! - no if I pull a marathon night like yesterday then I always get out on time (or sometimes a bit early)the next. And the golden rule is never ever stay late on a Friday. I think I walked out the door at around 5:30 today. It would have been earlier but I started chatting with the guy across from me.

Katie - I have a work laptop but the stuff I was doing last night involved a few systems that I wouldn't have outside network access too. I use it more for when I need to play with spreadsheets and fight with pie charts. But it's because of those late nights that I got one, as my boss didn't like the idea of me walking home so late and was worried. Not worried enough to cut down on my workload though.

Mom - I'm fine. This is good stress not bad stress. I love my job and things will get better once all the cross training is done. But it's me that's putting the training plan together.

strugglingwriter said...

Yikes that's rough. Too bad you couldn't take some "comp time" and go in a little later to work.

"4:35AM - the time I will most likely wake up as the sun shines in my bedroom and I hear the pigeons cooing outside my window sill" I hear you on that. I have been getting woken up (grammar?) for a couple weeks now by the birds outside my house, though in my case I think they are Mourning Doves.

clipp2nd said...

Oh Writer, Doves would be wwwooonnnderful - we have a family of crows living in the bush across the street who think that 4:30am is time to rise'n'shine

The babies (same size as adults) still want to be fed beak to beak, and make the loudest most raucous noise imaginable, from the time they wake up until nap time at 4:30 is our new gettin'up time here.