Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Feeling Old

So I fell getting out of bed this morning.

It's not like I had a long way to go as the bed is only about 18 inches off the floor. I blame it on my short legs. While swinging my legs over the bed to the floor my right foot caught the inside left leg of my PJ's (they're too long as I'm only 5' 2" and a bit). When I stood up and went to take that first step forward I toppled over in slow motion and landed oh so ungracefully onto the hard wood floors. I should be nice and bruised by tomorrow.

So this got me to thinking about my age. I'm no spring chicken. I've got a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks (nothing divisible by 5 or 10), there are the lines I'm starting to see around the eyes. And then there's the gray hairs that keep appearing in my tresses.

Here's the dilemma. Should I continue to go to the bottle and cover up that gray or should I just let it come in? Now it's not like I have white roots or anything, I'm not to that point yet. But I guess it's this whole question of who am I? I know I look younger than my years but is that a good thing? It hasn't done much for me in terms of having a hot date on a Friday night.

Would perhaps allowing the gray to come in make me a more real person? I've played a lot with my hair colour in the past 20 years. I've been a blond, red head, strawberry, mahogany, chestnut, I even had blue streaks once. But I've never gone black as I don't think I've got the skin tone for it. A few years ago on one of the girl trips we came up with the description of 'wildly conservative'. I used hair colour as a creative outlet, but always had a conservative cut.

I've moved away from all that was comfortable and I'm trying to decide what's next. Who do I want to be or who am I? What does my hair say about me? First impressions are at times all you get.

I'm due for a haircut in the next couple of weeks so I need to decide. Do I keep the gray or do I colour? If I colour, should I stay a brunette or go back to experimentation?

I'm too tired to decide and my knee hurts.

Natural and let the Gray come in
A combination of the above
Just shave it off and sell it to a wig maker

Your thoughts?


clipp2nd said...

I vote for a wild'n'crazy've been conservative too long.
... and the color thing is fun, and just check out your crayon box, there are tons of colors youo haven't tried yet.

Peggy said...

I'd leave it for now. I never even noticed gray hairs on your lovely head. Your natural hair colour is lovely.

John Taylor said...

As people get older, regrets tend to be focused around things that were never attempted rather than things that were - even things such as hairstyles. I say decide on a style/color you've always wanted to try, and do it. That way, you'll have one less potential regret and even if you don't like it, the act of a corrective attempt is yet another opportunity for something new.

Baxter Tocher said...

I'd say do whatever it is you already do - it's fine!

Anyhow, even if you wanted to go grey, you'd have to really go some to be as grey as me :o)

Colleen J said...

Chris, just remember, no matter what you do, it'll grow back! I say go for it, have fun, experiment, colour your hair if you want. There's time enough for "looking your age". I look young at least in my face for my age, and I'm loving it! It doesn't matter about getting a hot date (I only attract the drunk geezers anyway, so it doesn't seem to matter what age I look) Where does it say you have to accept old age gracefully? As Bette said, "old age ain't no place for sissies!" Who you are is on the inside not the outside, so do what you want with the outside. If it helps you FEEL young, then colour and cut to your hearts' content.
(I can't get this comment window to widen, damn it!)