Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

This is my Dad

He's a pretty neat-o kinda guy.

There's Musical Dad
(he plays a mean Teddy Bear's Picnic)

My appreciation for all styles of music came from him. His obsession with High Fidelity has also been passed down. Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my stereo and CD's?

There's Photographer Dad

Again more artsy stuff. What can I say, he's a talented guy. We always had fun going off on picture taking adventures. That was one of my best days in Barcelona, wandering the streets of the Gothic Quarter trying out different shots and comparing how they turned out on our camera's.

There's Camping Dad

My folks didn't have a lot of money so family vacations were always camping. Lots of good memories about sitting by the camp fire in my jammies, Dad always had his guitar. Watching chipmunks, collecting cicada beetle shells around the tent and keeping them stored in empty cigarette boxes for safe keeping.

Christmas Dad

I remember the year I left a note for Santa and thinking it strange that instead of milk and cookies he had some leftover spaghetti and a beer.

There's even a Too Cool Dad
(I loved that T-shirt by the way)

I guess looking like that I can understand why the park ranger always put us in the 'party' section of the campground.

But this.... THIS is my favorite picture of him.
He's looking pretty stylin'
(way cool sideburns)

I miss hanging around with him.

That picture was take the day I left Vancouver and moved to Glasgow, Scotland.

Happy Father's Day Pops!


The Kid


Colleen J said...

Brilliant montage, Chris! Our santa used to get peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies and beer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you daughter dear. You've made my day. Now downstairs to listen to some music.


clippmcgraw said...

Chris, you made me cry. I miss my Dad, our talks, my Christmas's as a kid, our camping trips, etc. You have a wonderful Dad, treasure him!

Aunty Barb

Peggy said...

That is such a nice tribute to your dad. You've got his smile!

I like the moody photo of him as a young man too!

strugglingwriter said...

Very nice Father's Day post. I need to get some cool pictures of myself taken so my daughter can do this for me someday :)

Mellifluous Dark said...

Aw, you look so much like your dad. He looks like a lovely chap. Great black and white pic of him when he was younger.

Gosh, you are so far away from one another... I can only imagine how much you miss him.