Sunday, June 10, 2007

Did I Mention I'm Afraid Of Flying?

There was a time that in order for me to get on a plane and not get nauseous from nerves I took prescription anti-anxiety drugs.

I was cured somewhat of my fear of flying when my friend dared me to go cold turkey without the drugs on a flight from Miami to Vancouver (layover in Denver Colorado). Of course that flight subjected me to some of the worst turbulence I'd ever experienced. As we were flying over the Rockies the pilot could only get so low and he couldn't get over the storm so it just meant he had to fly through it. I survived that and have been a bit better about the whole nervous flying thing ever since.

I won't say I'm nonchalant about the whole experience. I still need to close my eyes and repeat the phrase 'I'm in a bus on a bumpy road, I'm in a bus on a bumpy road' when going through rough patches. Add to that the survived experience of flying into Southampton Airport during one of the winters worst wind storms this year does much for convincing myself that I can do this.

Today while on the last leg of my trip home I counted that I have been on 17 separate flights in 2007, 11 of which have been in the last 5 weeks. And 2 more work trips coming up in the next month.

That's just crazy.

So I'm now home from my weekend in Frankfurt, the pictures have been loaded to my Flickr site but I haven't done any tags or comments yet. I'll get to posting the last 2 days of Cyprus tomorrow and then I'll give you the scoop on this last weekend. Had a good time, but am glad t be on the ground again.


strugglingwriter said...

I'm really not a big fan of flying either. I avoid it when possible. The way I get through it, though, is I bury myself in a book and don't look until we land. That at least keeps my mind off of things.

Peggy said...

I don't mind flying, it's the crashing that I hate.

Chris said...

I think for me it's all about not having control. When you drive you are aware of what is happening and you are trained in what to do if something goes wrong. For example if driving in the winter and you hit a patch of black ice, you don't hit the brakes, but take your foot off the gas and then steer into the skid. That type of thing. As I'm not a pilot I don't know what the risks are and what the counter measures are should something go wrong.

I know they say that the chances of your plan crashing are far less than the chances of your car crashing. But I'm thinking that the probability of surviving a plane crash (especially when crossing a body of water) are pretty much zip, wheras in a car, with my seatbelt on I've got a better than average shot. Unless of course that car is flying over a gorge (ala Thelma and Louise).