Saturday, January 20, 2007

Home Safe and Sound

Well it was an interesting couple of days for travel. It started Thursday morning as the snow began falling at 7:30AM while I was standing outside waiting for the cab to take me to the Airport.

The closer we got to the airport the harder the snow was falling so I wasn't all that surprised (relieved) to see that my 9AM flight was delayed to 10:05AM. Gives me time to grab a coffee and scone as I hadn't had breakfast. Plus once the sun comes out I'm sure the snow will melt quickly.

Well as you can see, that didn't happen. I won't go into all the nerve wracking details (I don't like to fly at the best of times), but the sun eventually did come out and we boarded at 3:00.

Great - except what we were flying towards was a nasty storm hitting the southern part of Great Briton, lots of gale force winds and such to make our descent and landing one of the most nerve wracking I've had to date.

Click here to see a BBC news item on the damage from the storm and pay special attention to the plane attempting to take off (sideways) into the strong winds. That gives you a bit of an idea what we were landing into.

But as you can see by this post I did live to tell the tale. The next day was absolutely lovely with clear blue skies and no wind, not even a soft breeze. I spent the whole day trapped in the Chichester office in meetings but at least my walk to the office was nice. It's a cute little town and I'm sad I didn't get any time to explore. But I'll be back for a week in February so I'll get my chance then.

The company put me up at The Ship Hotel and it was very nice (much nicer than the Croydon Park Hotel). Thursday night I allowed myself a large glass of Libertad Malbec/Bonarda (Argentina). I've never had a Malbec before but the description given on the wine list made it sound enticing. "Strong aromas of wild berries and strawberries with hints of vanilla and white pepper". It was just lovely, of course now I'll never be able to find it anywhere. Oh well.

The flight home Friday was uneventful. Went straight from the airport to a bowling alley for a work event. It was a very long 2 days and I'm oh so glad to be home in one piece.


Neil MacLean said...

These people sell the Libertad for 25 quid for a case of six

Just in case you are looking for it.

Now - how the hell did I find myself here?

Chris said...

Hey thanks for the tip. Drop by anytime.