Sunday, July 15, 2007

Learning To Embrace Nothingness

My Saturday

I woke up at a leisurly 8'ish. Had a cuppa tea and my museli, while catching up on emails and reading the few blogs I follow. At 10:30 I met a friend for coffee and some yummy porriage with sliced bananas and honey driseled on top. Then I went home and sat on the couch in a sunbeam and worked on compiling some play lists of my music that I have stored on my lap top. Had an MSN messanger chat with my Aunt in Ontario and then later had a Skype call with the folks. In the evening I moved to the other couch and watched a Flim 4 show on the top 50 documentaries.

My Sunday Morning so far

I woke up at a leisurely 8:30'ish. Made some coffee to go with my museli, while catching up on my emails, only 1 this morning :>( and reading the few blogs I follow. The above friend and I tentatively made plans to sort out our busy schedule and get together one day in August to catch a flick together. So I started reviewing the 'to be released' schedules for the local cinemas. The GFT is participating in the Summer of British Film and had a link to the BBC site. This is where the fun begins. The BBC has set up a YouTube group for people to post mini movies inspired by British Film. Here are two of my favorites:

Dr StrangeBlair

2007: A Really Short Space Odyssey


Katie said...

I love nothing days, especially rainy Sundays. There's nothing quite like spending the day reading/writing/watching TV on the couch.

strugglingwriter said...

I love nothing days too. I haven't had one in 14 months, but I still love them Actually, just reading about them helps to relax. :)

Jimmy McPhee said...

I looked into a star it was wonderful
it was full of transit vans.