Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Short Story

There's another blogger writing thing going on. I've been working on a short story to submit. The contest closes July 17th so when the entries are up I'll post a link for those that want to read the submissions.

Oh, and that alarm is still going off. I walked around the area when I got home and I've narrowed it down to it's not a car alarm but either a burglar alarm or an extremely loud alarm clock. It's just in my block, on my side of the street (so Graham, feel free to wander around to take a listen). I just can't figure out which flat it is so don't feel right calling the police to say...

"Um there's this noise, but I don't know what, and I don't know where, but can you make it stop?"



shivaya07 said...

hi there! another glasgow fan here....i was there for business in May and fell in love...i have a pipe dream of living and working there some day, LIKE YOU!

best to you...mind if i add you to my blog roll?

cheers! :))

strugglingwriter said...

Excellent! I look forward to reading your submission, which reminds me I need to work on mine.

Katie said...

My neighbour's alarm started going off at 2 am the other night and was still ringing when I left for work the next morning. What's the point of having a security alarm if no one shows up when it goes off?

kf gallagher said...

Thanks for publicizing the contest! I've enjoyed reading your blog. Tell me, what are your reasons for moving to Glasgow? I fooled around a bit in the early entries, trying to find that bit of info, but couldn't.
kf gallagher

Mellifluous Dark said...

Thanks, Chris, and KF Gallagher. I'll hopefully join in on this one.

Chris, I do hope that alarm is not still ringing in your ears?!

Chris said...

Hiya Shivaya07, welcome. I'd be honoured if you added my to your roll. Thanks!

Struggling writer - what are you waiting for, get crackin'

Katie - when I woke up Wednesday morning it had finally stopped. Thank Goodness. I don't really understand the point of alarms for that very reason. They are only usefull if they are monitored and police come by. If they're just noise makers, they're just noise makers.

KF - if I had a pound for everytime I get asked that question. I'm trying to think now if I've ever dedicated a post to answering that very question. I think I've eluded to it from time to time. Maybe I'll do that this weekend. So stay tuned..

Mell, no the only ringing in my ears is from my loud Flybe flight home and the fact that my ears still haven't fully popped.