Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Home Safe and Sound

No problems with any of my flights and connections. Managed to lug my suitcases up the 4 flights of stairs and am now longingly looking at my bed as it lures me to grab a snooze.

Back to regular scheduled chaos with a smattering of jet lag tomorrow.

Oh joy.


Simon said...

Welcome back!

Colleen J said...

I'm glad you're back without any hassles after all the fuss at the airport. Did I send you the itinerary for me and Carol in September? We're confirmed for Inverness and Edinburgh week of the 5th. Will e-mail you the hotel and dates we're in Edinburgh. Looking forward to seeing you and finding out how you're coping with life in Scotland and all the other things that crop up unexpectedly, sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much.

goodthomas said...

Welcome home.

Your "Reflections" post was very nice. Those connections, those memories will get heavier with each passing year. They were very nice to read.