Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back in GLA again

Just got home from another trip down south to the office in Chichester. The trip there was good. Had a fun Thursday night out with 2 colleagues, much laughter ensued over the course of the weekend. Does anyone else out there want to confess to making a 'Love Tape' during their misguided hormonally rampant youth?

The trip home, not so good. Once again fighting with Flybe at the Southampton airport to try and convince them that it would make no sense for the company travel agent to only book a checked bag for my flight there, and not to allow me to check that same bag home. So again I had to pay (argh!! - I'll be contacting the person that books our company travel when I'm back to the office).

Then I got to be lucky contestant number 3 and get the complimentary 'pat down' at security. I mean come on. I'm in a fitted skirt, light weight fitted shirt, no pockets, I'm in stockings as they've scanned my shoes. Where on earth am I going to hide anything. And the pat downs are getting a little on the close side. If I was a smoker I'd be asking for a cigarette afterwards. It's getting a bit ridiculous really.

My flight was delayed, but they never tell you that anymore, it's just assumed. So when I got to GLA and the company hired car that was to pick me up was 45 minutes late. It was pouring rain and the driver didn't even attempt to help me with my bags. He wouldn't even get out of the car to open the trunk, just told me to put them in the back seat, so I had to sit on a wet seat after pushing my soggy bag to the other side. Same thing when I got to the flat, not a 'have a nice evening' or 'let me help you' . I was a drowned rat by the time I got to the door and found my keys.

Now compare that to the car service that drove my from Chichester to the Southampton airport. Traffic was a bit heavy it being a Friday and 6:00 PM so I was asked if I wanted the scenic route, or the really scenic route. I picked the really scenic route, and the whole way the driver was playing tour guide and pointing out farms, castle ruins, secret military installations that aren't 'officially' there. He even tried really hard to find a Highland Cow but no luck.

I'm soggy, tired and my head hurts. Must be Friday the 13th.

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Anonymous said...

What a time - you poor thing! The cab driver was a poor representative of his firm. At least you made it home in one piece. How is the kitchen design coming along - no mention in the blog????