Saturday, April 14, 2007

Technical Difficulties Again

My modem is dead.

Now that I have a bank account and this week my password for internet banking has also arrived I am now able to properly order internet and cable. But I can only get a serviceman in to do the installation next weekend (actual date/time to be confirmed). So although I know my posts have not been regular at the best of times, they are going to be even less so this next week.

Between a friends flat and work will be my main means of getting on-line and there is also a great little i-cafe a few blocks away, but I can only drink so much coffee.

I do check my email each day at work on my lunch break and before I head home so I'll still be in touch if you feel the urge to drop me a line. But the blog and flickr page will be sporadic as I need my laptop for that.

Off to the left of this page you will see a new weather icon. If you've been checking it out you will have noticed that Glasgow has been having some pretty spectacular summer-like weather. People were actually out in shorts and tank tops today as the temps were up to about 20 degrees (Celsius that is).

My shorts and tank tops are still in Canada so I was not exposing any flesh. But it was a lovely day


Katie said...

Getting a serviceman to come within a week is actually pretty impressive. When we wanted to get our modem set up, we were told the soonest that a technician could come was three weeks. Scotland can be amazingly slow at times.

Chris said...

Hi Katie - that is the understatement of the century after all the red tape I went through trying to find a bank account.

I'm crossing my fingers with the modem as I'm dying without my internet at home. Reading my emails is what I do first thing in the morning and just before I go to bed.