Sunday, April 08, 2007

Found It

Martyr's Public School - I've tried on a number of occasions to find this building. It's taken me until now to finally break down and look it up on a map.

It seems I was always turning right instead of left. It threw me off that the articles I read always said you can see the building at the top of High Street. But what they fail to mention is at that point, the street is no longer called High Street but has morphed into something else.

Anyway, I found it. It took me until about the 13 or 14th shot before I thought to change the exposure. Wish I'd done that earlier. Oh well, now I know where it is if I want to repeat the exercise.

Oh, also went and saw the movie Sunshine tonight. Sci-fi movie felt a bit like a mix of 2001 Space Odyssey with Alien with a little Event Horizon thrown in for good measure. Some interesting editing and cinematography.

I quite enjoyed it.

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