Friday, April 20, 2007

Holiday - Day 2 (regular entry)

Today was all about taking pictures.

I've snapped everything we did today back when I was an unemployed tourist discovering this city. So instead I again tried to figure out ISO settings, worked on composition etc. Some worked some didn't but they are all posted.

This picture was one of my favorites from today.

Just had to mention, I'm posting this from the i-cafe a few blocks from my flat and the music overhead had a cool funk version of Radiohead's 'You Do It To Yourself'.

Killer baritone sax line.


D J & E Huber said...

That is a cool picture.

It's great that your parents are there. Say hi from us!

Jimmy said...

Two years ago while at the pipe band championships
I went into the middle of these trees lay down and fell half asleep
I woke up surrounded by a group of severely disabled people who had been carried into the shade, they were all around me
I found it humbling and a little surreal.