Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Media Shot

Someone somewhere has decided I have an interesting life.

I've been interviewed by the company magazine and an article will be in the next issue. It's just a small paragraph quickly summarizing my move, why I did it and what all was involved. But then they also wanted a picture.

I hate pictures of myself. It's been something I've been trying desperately to improve. I don't think I have a good smile, either it looks too forced, or I look harsh, I have no upper lip when I grin and I think it makes my nose look big.

But that's just me.

So yesterday as it was another lovely sunny day I was out in search of a location that would make it look like I was living in a foreign country and would distract from my face. Here are the 3 shots.

Media Shot 1

Media Shot 2

Media Shot 3

I'm not convinced I'll use any of them. Today is also looking like a good picture taking day so I'll try again. However, I would appreciate any comments as I do need to email the actual photo to the magazine editor Monday morning. I guess my only hope as that perhaps I'll be on the 2nd to last page and no one will notice.


Graham said...


I think there's too much lion and not enough you, but that aside I vote for #2. In 1- your face is too dark and the background is a bit too 'busy'. Same 'busy' background issue for 3. In 2 your face is well lit and I think the balance is right - I'd photoshop out the bird in the top left though, but that's just me.

Why did you choose the war memorial? See you.

D J & E Huber said...

We both like #1 the best. Joyel says that your face is best there. #2 is OK, but your hair sort of covers part of your face.

Jimmy said...

Goldilocks knows the answer
and I agree.

The Moon Topples said...

I think you look good in 2 or 3. I'd crop in on the third one, though, and make it more your and the lion.

Oh, and I've added one of your heartless rebukes to my sampling of things people have said to me online, if you want to defend yourself.

Chris said...

Well thank you all for your input.

Graham - I don't have photo shop so the bird must stay. All I've got is a small program called Nikon View 6. It allows me to sharpen, change a pic to B&W or Sepia, play with contrast and colours and lastly crop. But hey, it was free. Was it the war memorial? I don't think I realized what the thing was, I just liked the lions. There are some great lions I took shots of in Dublin in 2005 that I've got posted on my Flickr site.

D & J - Thanks for your vote, but the lighting is just all wrong in photo 1 (darn clouds).

Jimmy - haven't seen you here in a while. Where have you been hiding?

Maht - I do love the lion (it's a cat thing), but I thought getting some architecture in the background would be nice too(very European). But as everyone has said, it looses the focus a bit. Which was kind of what I was going for now that I think about it.

I think my hair looks the best in picture 3 and I'm sort of OK with my smile too. I shall forward that link to the editor but give them permission to crop if they so desire. It will probably end up being a wee thumbnail photo anyway so not sure why I tried to be all artistic.