Saturday, April 21, 2007

Holiday - Day 3

Today was the big day trip to Edinburgh. It's been pointed out by a few people that they can't believe I've been here for 6 months and not been there yet. Well I have nothing to say in my defence other than ... Hey, I've been busy.

So onto the train we went. We timed everything quite nicely as by the time we'd purchased out tickets and got out to the platform the next train left in 10 minutes. I tried to educate my parents in how to figure out what platform they need to be on, to make sure they get on the correct train and how to see what the next station will be and also to make sure you don't end up in the business class by mistake. This is all new to them as they've never travelled to Europe before.

Mom was perched on the edge of her seat the whole time, camera at the ready waiting for something picturesque to happen. It was cute :>)

Now as I've mentioned above I've never been to Edinburgh before so I'm really just winging it. We arrive in the train station and I realize I don't know what I'm looking for. I know the thing to do is the Royal Mile but there doesn't seem to be a sign that says Royal Mile this way. That would be most helpful. Instead I find a tourist map and get oriented.

We walk up to street level and look out. And there it is, the old town in all it's Medieval Glory. First thing up is to grab some lunch. We find a nice pub at the top of the hill, Albanach and Mom orders Haggis Neeps and Tatties. I did try a little taste, I don't know, it just tasted like mush to me.

Now that we've got some energy to keep us going it's up the hill to the Castle. Again great timing in that we just walk through the gates and a tour has just started. It's not a great day picture wise as the sky is so gray with clouds. Not even interesting clouds, just flat gray sky. Gray stone, with gray cobblestones on gray sky is well, gray and boring. However, every now and then there is a little patch of grass or a flower to perk up the picture. But over all it was a challenge.

After the castle we walk back down the hill and Mom's feet give out so she parks at a Starbucks and Dad and I continue down the rest of the mile towards the new Scottish Parliament (way cool building) and Hollyrood Palace. Of course it's closed by the time we get there but we snap a few pictures. On the way back there is a cool cemetery that has some interesting monuments.

We meet up with Mom and everyone is feeling mighty tuckered as we walk back to the train to head back to Glasgow. The plan was initially to go out for dinner tonight but the folks look like they would fall asleep in their plate of food so no a good idea. Instead, I run down to the chipper down the street for Fish & Chips.


Cursed Tea said...

Next time you head to Edinburgh let me know - I lived there for five years and I know some great places to go.

It is nice having family visit - so they can see what you are going on about!!


Jodi said...

I've lived in Glasgow for nearly 4 years and not made it to Edinburgh to see the sights yet...driven through, but never actually been to the interesting bits - shameful, I know. Just never got round to it!
Jodi x