Saturday, January 06, 2007

Self Portraits

I didn't intend to do this but usually that's the way it works best. Let me backtrack.

Today was the day I was taking a chance and getting my hair cut & coloured at the salon down the street. This was the place I just walked into last weekend off the street. No recommendations, just a gut feeling. Things went very well. My stylist Lynn did an excellent job.

As mentioned in last weeks post I went back to the flat to take some pictures of the end result for all to see & critique. However, what I ended up with was something much different.

I don't really think of myself as an artistic photographer as I don't think my eye is good enough yet. But it is something I'm constantly trying to develop. So this afternoon in the bay window of my bedroom I thought the light was just right and I used the self timer on my Nikon and propped it up on a rolling cabinet.

These are the results.

For those that care, the salon is called Sculptur.

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