Thursday, January 25, 2007

In Sickness

Last night and today did not go well.

I had a horrible nights sleep as my right tonsil decided to cause me grief. Tossing and turning all night and then still awake at 5AM with my throat red, swollen, thick and goopy I realized I was not going to make it into the office.

I did think of pointing my digital camera down my throat to take a picture to post, but thought I'd spare you the ick factor.

I spent the whole day in my PJ's drinking lots of hot liquids, having cat naps and watching the BBC 24hr news channel off and on. Even in Scotland daytime TV is limited. There was a semi-interesting half hour program on the A-Z's of protesting. Apparently R for Riot is counter productive. Riot at the Hyatt anyone?

At about 3:30 it hit me.... Today is Robert Burns Day. I'm so disappointed that I don't feel up to somehow marking the occasion by doing something Scottish (other than the obvious, living here).

I remember a few weeks ago noticing many of the pubs and restaurants were advertising tickets for their Burns Supper. Last week while doing my grocery shopping I did look at the various haggis for sale. Yes you can even get vegetarian haggis too (I'd probably start with that one). But alas the germs got to me first. I guess there's always next year.

The Parting Kiss
- Robert Burns, 1788

Humid seal of soft affections,
Tenderest pledge of future bliss,
Dearest tie of young connections,
Love's first snowdrop, virgin kiss!

Speaking silence, dumb confession,
Passion's birth, and infant's play,
Dove-like fondness, chaste concession,
Glowing dawn of future day!

Sorrowing joy, Adieu's last action,
(Lingering lips must now disjoin),
What words can ever speak affection
So thrilling and sincere as thine!


Jimmy said...

I thought everyone knew
that Robert Burns was English.

John Taylor said...

It's funny - here in the States - everyone sang his song on New Year's Eve and only a handful know who he was. Hope you feel better!

Chris said...

Jimmy - last time I checked Alloway was still in Scotland.

John - that is the tradition in Canada as well, but everyone tends to fade out after about the 2nd line when they all realize they have no idea what the rest of the lyrics are.