Monday, January 22, 2007

Nothing New

As my profile states, I'm a dull person. Just feeling really tired today. I guess I'm still recovering from the stress of last weeks travels (see previous post). Also I'm feeling quite beaten up trying to deal with the bureaucracy of the UK banking system. It's been 2 months since I sent in my paperwork and they are still pending a missing declaration that they MUST send me but never do. I asked if I could pick it up at the branch and they said no - I just can't win.

The temperature has dropped today and it's going to be even colder tomorrow. I'm listening to the BBC news in the background and I hear that the Pickton trial has made the news all the way across the ocean. What an awful awful story.

Mondays suck.


John Taylor said...

You're right, Mondays suck - but I enjoy your 'dullness'. I really enjoy your posts (even on a sucky day) - I hope things improve.

John Taylor said...

Thanks for stopping by.