Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An Interesting Evening

The picture to the right has nothing to do with today's post. This picture is by a guy called Edward Monkton. He reminds me a bit of Gary Larson in his twisted view of the world.

Now on to the actual post......

I was invited by XFM Scotland to take part in a listener focus group this evening. Myself and 8 other people were involved along with the facilitator and the station owner. What an interesting evening. The radio was one of the first things available to me to immediatly immerse myself in the local culture. I discovered bands I'd never heard of, picked up on the local slang and started to try and deceipher the numerous accents.

Pizza and beverages of a wide variety were offerred and the discussions began. Everyone was able to comment on music, playlists, what they liked and didn't like about the station and others as well. It was a very broad demographic so I hope the station got some useful information out of the comments made over the course of the evening.

Goody bags were handed out at the end, but sadley they were one short. However, my name and address were taken down and I'm supposed to get something special. I'll let you know what that ends up being when/if it comes.

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