Friday, December 26, 2008

The Last Christmas

Ok, it's not the last one EVER, but its my last one in Glasgow. Well, probably not my last one as I'm sure I'll come back again to hang out with friends but it will be my last one as a resident.

I moved house to Edinburgh last weekend. I tell ya, I'm getting too old to be lugging heavy boxes up 3 flights of stairs. I'm at the age when I should have a husband and a teenager to do it for me. But in lieu I lined up some friends,one of which was a strong and energetic University student. He worked for cheap, a mince pie. Many thanks to Claire, Maggs, Isobel, Mark and my folks. Without their help it would have been a very expensive task as I'd have had to hire movers.

So yes, Edinburgh is home now except not quite as I'm back in Glasgow until the 31st when I finish work. Another Christmas finds me living out of a suitcase. Perhaps this is my Christmas tradition 'cause when I think about it this has been the third Christmas in a row that I've moved. Bizarre.

Christmas eve was a familiar scene with my Dad. Hitting the mall last minute to assist him with finish his shopping. He pointed out the men walking around the shops with that dazed look of desperation.

After doing the appropriate amount of comparison shopping the decision was made on the final purchase and then it was to the grocery store to get the last few items. It's a bit difficult planning any meals let alone a proper Christmas dinner when you're not in your own kitchen. My friend Claire has graciously offered her flat for us to stay in over the holidays but a kitchen is such a personal thing. When going through cupboards you're having to think 'if I was Claire, where would I put the cutting board, or where would the sugar be?' Everyone has their perfect culinary set up, and it's always different. But that's half the fun.

By the time I got home, my stomach pointed out to me that all I'd had all day was about 4 cups of tea, one danish, a tiny chocolate and a glass of red wine (at the office). It was now 4:30, I really needed to eat something. You know it's been a long busy day when you don't have time to eat.

After zapping some leftovers I then decided to have a nice long nap as the plan was to go to the Christmas Eve service at St Silas. This has been a new tradition for me as back in Vancouver the Christmas Eve service was normally at around 6:30, perhaps a little later if Christmas Eve fell on a work day. But here, the service is 11:15PM and there are lots of candles, carols, communion, it's all good.

Getting home after midnight I am completely knackered. Looking in my room at the bags of stuff still needing to be wrapped that I just don't have the energy to do. I can hear my bed calling to me.

Christmas morning I allowed myself a nice long lie in. Since returning from my holiday at the end of November, then promptly getting the worst flu bug ever, my folks arriving, packing, moving to Edinburgh, unpacking and organizing a new flat, packing again to come back to Glasgow... I realize this is probably the first lazy morning I've had in a while. Still groggy and without any caffeine I set about wrapping the presents. I manage to accomplish this without any injury.

Christmas has always been just a quiet affair for us as we are a small family of three. After the gifts its usually always a nice lazy day, watching some TV, a nap or three, coffee, wine, cheese, cookies. Even though it's just the three of us Mom insists on cooking a proper Christmas dinner, Turkey and all the trimmings. I must admit her stuffing is the best I've ever had and the turkey (and I'm not a big turkey fan) is always nice and moist, good gravy too!

Its been a great relaxing, lazy day. Tomorrow if I am to believe the weather forecast it should be cool but sunny with no wind. So a good day to get out for a walk about and take some photos.


Simon Varwell said...

Congratulations on your move to the burgh!

Look forward to catching up with you when I am down there for a work trip.

Happy Boxing Day!

kev said...

Hey Chris
Glad the move went well.Hope your new place is blessed in everyway. I just spent a nice afternoon on the pentlandhills.

Maybe do coffee


Baxter Tocher said...

Welcome to Edinburgh!

sexy said...