Monday, December 15, 2008

The Winter Holiday - Las Palmas de Gran Caneria, Spain

The day started off not looking all that great but one never knows.

Walking along the pier we received a nice map from a lady trying to convince us to go shopping at the large El Cortez shopping mall (no-thanks). Its the old town I want to find. The funny things about these tourist maps is they never seem to have a scale. So you look at where you are and where you want to go and think, hmmmm that looks far. But then it takes you 10 minutes to walk there. Or you think, hey that's not too bad, and it takes you 2 hours. Today fell into the 2 hour category.

Initially we walked along the water front but the motor way paralleled it which was very noisy and the car exhaust got to be a bit much after a while so we moved in a few blocks.

When walking along the non-sanctioned tourist route you see the city as the locals do. You come along the hospital, clinic zone, pass a school, the fitness centre or my Mom's favourite - the grocery store. Remember Dino from The Flintstones? He has his own chain of grocery stores in Spain.

Other things seen enroute, the new Police Headquarters in a very nice pink and blue office tower.

Eventually we come to our destination of the Old Town and find the large cathedral there. It's not overly ornate which is nice for a change. But it does have its own dead person :)

The ceiling is very nice too.

All that walking to get there meant our feet were tired and our stomachs were grumbling. Time to eat! Found a lovely little cafe down a side street where we ordered a plate of cured hams and some cheese, bread and some wine.

With the wine came tapas of anchovies on toast (it's on the bottom right corner). You know, it wasn't half bad (the anchovy) everything else was lovely. Met a nice couple at the table next to us visiting from Sweden. They ordered the same thing on my recommendation :)


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