Tuesday, December 09, 2008

We interrupt this program for an important announcement

I am sick.

That is all, thank you.

Now back to your regular scheduled programming already in progress

The Winter Holiday - Arrecife

My walking buddy C was stricken with a horrible migraine this day so I wandered off the ship on my own. As previously mentioned the maps we're given the night before aren't really all that helpful. And when stepping off the shuttle bus you have no idea where you actually are. I love this!

But wait, I'm jumping ahead of myself.

The shuttle journey in itself. While still travelling through the port itself off to the side there was a ship wreck. Sorry the photo is crap but hey, it's through a moving bus window so I think its not half bad

Next thing that appeared through the window was this...

I mean this is just a sleepy little village with a population of just over 50,000 Who knew that would be enough to support an IKEA (the best store in the whole wide world btw).

And no, I didn't go inside.

Arrecife is a nice sleepy little town. As it's a Sunday most of the shops are closed which is fine by me. I wander around the streets, found a cute little church.

Some oh so picturesque boats.

And this...

Its a fort with 2 cannons. This spot gave me a good solid hour of entertainment value. You should have seen the chaos. A ship of 2700 passengers heading towards something that looks kind of historical/interesting and everyone wants their photo taken in front of it.

You've got the husbands with their expensive DSLR's and no sense of artistry or composition commanding their wives which way to look, where to place their hands and then click, click, click, click, click etc etc etc... Then there are the other tourists not understanding the concept of waiting their turn as they walk in front of someone else's shot and then blankly look back at the person with the camera and give a glazed look.

There was this one couple, I swear he blew off over 100 shots. I mean come on people. Its a cannon. Its NOT THAT INTERESTING!!!

This is my favorite shot of the day

But then I see things a bit differently.

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kev said...

An IKEA and you never went inside??

Were you ill?

Ikea is your spiritual home from home, even I am a convert and your to blame;-)