Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Winter Holiday - Agadir, Morocco

BTW - I got back last Monday but I'm still behind in updating this thing. What else is new eh?

So on to Agadir...

Not much to report for this port. Agadir was decimated in 1960 thanks to a horrific earthquake that lasted 15 minutes. As a result of this the town was completely rebuilt. It is a planned city and looks like something out of a post modernist architectural text book rather than a Moroccan town.

It's also a resort town with a lovely beach, so everything is more geared towards tourism with hotels and condos. There is a central market but again it's aimed at attracting tourists rather than catering to the locals. There is a nice Mosque that I took a few shots of but that's about it.

However, I did purchase a rug. I found something rare, a fixed price rug shop so no haggling needed and no high pressure sales over tea either. The shop owner was very nice and friendly. Looking at pretty much all of his wares in the size I was interested in I finally found the rug I wanted. He packed it up good and tight with plastic bags, tape and rope. Some how, C was able to fit it into her suitcase and between all our bags we were able to shuffle all our belongings that everything fit and we didn't incur any oversize baggage fees on the journey home.

Oh and go figure, it never occurred to me to take a photo of the rug before it got packed up so you'll all just have to wait until I'm settled into my new flat in a few weeks and I'll take a shot then. But in the mean time here's a very blurry photo of the rug shop itself.


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