Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We Can Rebuild Him

Or it.

As per my previous post somehow my blog sidebar got a bit wonky. At John's suggestion I tried moving to a new template but in doing it I lost all the customization I had done. But hey, them's the breaks. So as a result I'm in the process of rebuilding my links and badges and such so bear with me this will take a few nights.

The cool thing in all this is that in the process of trying to switch templates I had to upgrade and now adding elements and customizing is SOOOOOOOO much easier. So a big thanks to John - now I don't have to mess around with trying to figure out HTML code. The problem is I'll probably go hog wild with adding little tags and links and such. But I'm sure that phase will pass



John Taylor said...

hiya chris,

First, thanks for the flashback. As soon as I saw the bionic picture the entire opening sequence of the show played in my head. I can still hear Oscar Goldman.....
Second, I am so sorry about the blog. It never even occurred to me that you were using the prior style. Had I considered that (which I should have), I never would have recommended changing the templates, causing you to lose items and creating so much work for you. I'm really sorry.

The Moon Topples said...

Chris: Be careful. I used to have this exact same template, and started to tweak it, and look where I ended up. I don't know HTML either, so it took a very, very long time for each advancement (especially the second sidebar, scalable page, and the other big things).

You have opened a box, Chris, that used to belong to a girl I called Pandy...