Sunday, February 11, 2007

Music for a Saturday

My Saturday started off with no real plans.

I got up and wandered into the kitchen to make some coffee and then curled up in the chair in the lounge to have a lazy Saturday morning. I popped in a Dylan CD and once again realized how much I love the sound of just an acoustic guitar and a voice.

My neighbor downstairs came up later on for a visit and we decided to go to the Hunterian Art Gallery and view the Mackintosh House Exhibit.

I'm sad that she is moving away next week. She was one of the first people I met when I moved to Glasgow and it was just a complete fluke that she ended up living in the flat below. She's moving to Ireland for a few months so it's just a cheap quick flight away for a visit.

After the gallery we walked along the Kelvin river. Even though it was a cold & gray day it was nice to get outside.

It was during this walk that I got a call from a friend telling me he'd picked up a ticket for me to go and see the EST concert that night with him and his wife.

I've seen this Jazz Trio 3 times in Vancouver and they are spectacular live. Saturday's concert was no different. I was able to find a place to stand up front close to the stage. I took quite a few pictures but it took me a while before I got the exposure right. Not wanting to use flash it's tough to get a picture that's not blurry as the musicians don't stay still. But I did get a few shots that looked not too bad.

The only downer for the night was the 2 yahoos in front of me that insisted on yakking through the entire concert. People, if you want to ignore the musicians do me a favour, buy the CD and stay home. There you can talk as long and as loudly as you like. If I'm going to pay 16 pounds for a ticket, I'd like to actually LISTEN to the band. Show the musicians some respect, please.

Sorry about that, the rant just kinda slipped out.

So my Saturday started and ended listening to some great music.

What a perfect day.

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