Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Today was a very full day of meetings, training and negotiations. Why am I doing this again?

I tried to get out at lunch to do my 'creative' bit for the day and take some pictures of the massive Cathedral in town. But my lunch break wasn't really the break I had intended so I never got a chance to explore. I'll try again tomorrow.

I do feel guilty in that I'm in this lovely town and have nothing to show for it so I did take this picture of tonight's dinner. Chichester is on the coast and the hotel here bases the menu on local produce and fish so I had the Mackerel for dinner. It was wonderful, and notice how beautiful it is on the plate.

A piece of art don't you think?


The Moon Topples said...

I, uh, probably wouldn't have eaten that. Looks a bit like an octopus tentacle to me.

Anyway, I keep meaning to link you, and now I have.

So there.

John Taylor said...

The Mackerel looks great and I really hope you make it to the Cathedral. Oh, and since I'm reading this on the 14th - Happy Valentine's Day (Yeah, I know - we all secretly hate it)

Chris said...

Hey Maht, Mackerel is just a white fish. But in cooking it here they've left the skin on but it's easily peeled off. Leaving the skin on helps to keep the fish moist during cooking otherwise it gets very dried out.

The picture isn't the best as I forgot to reset the exposure levels on my camera from the weekend. I am such an idiot.

Hi John - only got to the exterior of the Cathedral for a quick 5 minutes today but I'll try again tomorrow as I should have a bit of free time in the afternoon (I hope).

Thanks for the sweet sentiment.