Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One More Night

My very long day started rather abruptly when the fire alarm in the hotel went off in the morning while I was still in bed. I admit I did all the wrong things, I grabbed my laptop and locked it in the safe, grabbed my purse and passport. Then I went to find my slippers and coat and when I grabbed the handle to the door the alarm stopped. I assume it was a false alarm in that nothing burned down but having been so rudely awakened my day was not starting out well.

After the false alarm I need to get my suitcase back together and everything ready for check out. But before I do that I need to grab some breakfast.

Breakfast is buffet style but a server is supposed to come to your table after you're seated to take your tea or coffee order. Just my luck there isn't a waiter or waitress to be seen so I didn't get any coffee. Now before you say it I am NOT a demanding patron, but I noticed this at the hotel restaurant at dinner last night too. You get a table, they bring your meal and then you are ignored for the rest of the evening. Getting the bill took almost 20 minutes after I asked for it. I'm unsure if this is normal London behavior but I seem to recall this happening on my first trip to the city back in 2001 as well.

I won't go into details about my day stuck in a meeting room as that would just be boring. As mentioned in my last post I was just not looking forward to the trip back to Chichester. I'm not a princess but it is difficult to lug a heavy suitcase and back pack up and down all the stairs and battle the rush hour crowds. I needed to purchase a ticket for the tube to get to the train station and I was unclear as to what zones I would be traveling in so I took the opportunity to go to the ticket counter and ask. At the last second I decided to ask if there was a way I could negotiate the various tube lines that would involve the least amount of stairs. I'm glad I asked as the only stairs I ended up taking were the 2 flights down to the beginning of my journey. The rest of the way I had access to escalators. However, I can't say the same for the trains. I had to take 3 different trains and each time I had to go up over and down to a different platform. However, just like last time there was always a chivalrous gentleman coming to my rescue and grabbing my suitcase and carrying it up the stairs.

It was a long day and I think it was after 8PM by the time I got to the hotel. I completely lucked out this time with the room in that I got one of the more recently refurbished rooms (today's picture). It will make my last night here one of relaxation and luxury. I just had a quick dinner in the hotel restaurant with a nice glass of wine.

And now that this post is finished, I can brush my teeth and hit the hay.

G'night All

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