Friday, January 25, 2008

When in Rome...

Exept I'm not in Rome, I'm in PARIS!!!

Oh it feels so good to get away. Work has been far too stressfull and I needed a break. So thanks to EasyJet seat sales and finally getting my expenses submitted from the business trips I took over the last 6 months I'm thinking of this as a free trip. I know it's not really, but that's how my brain is justifying it.

Arrived yesterday and did the adventurous thing and took the RER & Metro to get into the city. It was actually very simple and I manged to luck out in the stops I went to all had escalators so I didn't need to lug my bag up any stairs.

I've rented a self catering apartment in District 18, the Montmatre area. Last time (which was the first time) I was in Paris we stayed in the Latin Quarter so I wanted to be somewhere new. By the time I got to the flat it was early afternoon so didn't really do much on the touristy side of things other than walk the market area in Montmatre.

Today though, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I'm very close to the Sacre-Coeur which I have been informed the locals take pleasure/pride in being very blase about it. They won't even admit it's beautiful. But my guidebook says it's supposed to have some stunning views from the hill it's perched on. So I'll check it out.

I've had my morning breakfast complete with fresh croissant. Just need a shower now and I'll be ready to start the days adventure.


Peggy said...

Lucky you! I bet it's nice to see the sun, drink some lovely wine, look at beautiful things, eat some great food! I stayed in the same place when I was there last year. It's a wonderful neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to get down to the Marais (Rue des Rosier) and get yourself a falafel, some roasted eggplant and some cookies from the vast selection at the Jewish bakery! It's among the best food in Paris, cheap, fun to eat and very festive, and they're open till midnight. Enjoy, enjoy!

John said...

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