Sunday, January 20, 2008


Not a happy bunny at the moment.

This is my 4th attempt to try and post this. I'm not at the new flat but no internet hook-up yet so have been checking out the various cafes and pubs in the neighborhood. The signals in these places are always a bit on the iffy side and keep dropping their connection with annoying frequency.

My experience at the i-cafe this morning was evern more frustrating. I could connect, and had good signal but it wouldn't load my email, and a number of different websites. So I had drafted a blog entry offline and then went to publish it and the signal would drop out just as it was to finish. It didn't even do it's normal save to draft so when I've tried again at a different cafe , Enjoy(great porrage here) I've had to start from scratch.

So yes, I'm now sleeping at the new place but hesitate to use the phrase 'moved in'. All the stuff is there. Strewn about with no rhyme or reason. But my bed is made and is very comfy so that's one thing. Kitchen is still under construction with wood dust everywhere as they are still cutting strips for stuff so no point in cleaning until they're done. Our couches were delivered on Thurday but are draped in plastic and shoved in a corner. So it doesn't feel like home yet. At this point I'm not sure when it will be.

Because of the internet issues I can't seem to upload any pictures so you'll have to go to my Flickr site to see them there.

So, it's still chaos.


clipp2nd said...

What Fun! Wish we were closer to help you out. Someday you can look back on this and laugh, really...

Peggy said...

I'm glad you're in. The other stuff will get sorted in time. Stay warm! At least you're not moving TODAY. The weather is shite!