Sunday, January 13, 2008

Still Here

This weekend was supposed to be the big push to move into the new flat. But as per the title. I'm still here.

Saturday I was at the current flat packing and cleaning while B was over at the new flat painting and cleaning. Today, Sunday I spent the morning emptying my closet into

2 duffel bags,
1 large suitcase
1 carry on size suitcase
2 laundry hampers

My books and Cd's I have packed in some of the dresser drawers along with my coats. My extra large suitcase I had sent home with my parents back in May when they were out for a visit. Wishing I still had it as I need something to pack my bedding into yet. Perhaps I'll try one of those nifty vacuum bags my Mom left.

So everything is packed up and sitting in the hallway waiting to be carted away to the new place.


The van I thought we had fell through, the back up car I thought we had also fell through. I emailed, texted and called a number of people but everyone seemed to be either out of town, already busy or (gasp) ignoring me. Because lets face it, helping someone move is not a fun job. It's hard on the body, involves going up and down stairs far too many times and lifting heavy boxes and bags.


One friend, one REAL TRUE friend - M came as she said she would. She helped to pack up the kitchen and then the two of us grabbed as much as we could carry and traipsed the 5 blocks over by foot to the new place. TWICE.


This still leaves the problem of the rest of the stuff. I might have 2, possibly 3 cars available tomorrow (Monday) but I really need a van or a truck otherwise we can't move over our mattresses. Without a mattress there will be nothing to sleep on.

We also have a few other large items that need to be carted over and I'd love to just be able to do this in one load. IF I can get a hold of a vehicle large enough to take it all.

I've left emails and voice messages with two local 'man with van' outfits but as today is Sunday I don't expect to hear from them until tomorrow. At this point I just hope and pray that one of them is available and that they aren't too expensive.



Rob said...

I feel your pain. While I enjoy being in new places, the act of moving to them is probably one of my least favourite things to do.

Good luck!

D J & E Huber said...

Moving is certainly one of the worst things on earth. However, I have to admit that moving in PG is not too bad. Everyone owns about eight pickups (give or take), so there's generally a few lying about for such uses.

All the best! Say hi to B for us.

-DH (and JH and EH)

Peggy said...

Oh MAN! I have been down in Cambridge this week but I'm home now.

"Sure" you say, "Now that the crisis has gone".

Are you and your mattress safe in the few flat?