Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Saturday Morning Routine

Saturday mornings are sacred to me.

Back in Vancouver my normal routine was to get up, make my breakfast: a bowl of muesli, half an apple and some yogurt; perhaps the other half of the apple with some crunchy peanut butter on it and the best part - an americano coffee.

Then I'd get the Vancouver Sun from the mailbox, curl up in my big comfy chair, wrap myself up in a cosy blanket and read the paper. One of my cats would usually curl up on the arm of the chair beside me or perhaps try to get underneath the paper for a quick cuddle. I would not move from my position other than at the halfway point to perhaps make a second coffee (decaf this time) if I was in the mood.

Quite often this routine would take me right through to lunch time, and I was completely fine with this. You see Saturday was the only day I allowed myself this luxury. It was my time.

Now not every Saturday was like this as life does happen and sometimes the Saturday would involve me jumping out of bed and rushing off to what ever appointment I had. But that would always kind of throw my weekend off as I would feel a bit out of sorts for the rest of the day. Like a clock that had been over wound and as a result would just stop ticking. We all need our down time, it helps the body, mind and spirit to recharge and process all we have experienced during the week.

So here in my new home, I've tried to keep this habit of a sacred Saturday morning. But I don't have my cats to cuddle with, my big comfy blanket has been replaced by my soft cosy robe, and the paper has been replaced by my laptop.

This morning was no different but at one point the sun started to stream through the lounge window and left strong shadows and bright light on the coffee table. I grabbed my camera and took the opportunity to play around with manually using different exposure settings. It's tough to do a true test when clouds keep rolling by changing the lighting conditions.

So here I sit, in my robe and flannel PJ's. Enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee (no espresso machine sadly) with the sun warming my toes.

I need to go into the office at some point today as I have a huge pile of work to do. But I refuse to give up my lazy Saturday morning.


The Moon Topples said...

I like your picture muchly. And I, too, require a lazy Saturday morning. Usually I have breakfast with a friend, but today I just slept and slept instead.

Cursed Tea said...

This is SO ironic!! I wax lyrical over my missed SUNDAY mornings in SCOTLAND!! I used to have a "lie in" as we say and go to the local shop in my jogging gear and get an Observer, and either a pain au chocolat or a (small) bar of dairy milk. I'd come home to my student flat and make a pot of french press coffe (that one of my wonderful flatmates would normally share with me) and then crawl back to bed armed with lots to read and yummy things to eat and drink.

I loved it. But sadly here I never do it. My work means I never have any guilt free down time (there is always more I could be doing - like right now ....). And my hubby doesn't see the awesomeness of sleeping in - ie lazing about in bed - he claims he'd just fall asleep which he probably would ...

No indian food in N'awlins - but I am a huge fan of Coops Jumbaliya (sp?) on Decature Street in the French Quarter!!

Enjoy your weekend

Chris said...

Hey Maht - I also do the brunch thing with a friend but that's saved for Sunday.

Hiya Kirsty - the Sunday paper isn't as common in Canada it's the Saturday edition that would be full of all the extra stuff. I've come to enjoy the Guardian here but so far haven't made it part of my 'regular' routine yet.

D J & E Huber said...

When living in Europe (Deutschland, natch), I'd always read the International Herald Tribune. Of course, that was '89, so the 'net, at best, existed as GOPHER (if even that).

Now, in PG, Joyel and I are stuck with the PG Citizen on Saturday mornings. It doesn't hold a candle the the IHT, and not even to the 'Couv Sun. Thankfully it's 2007 and the net ain't GOPHER anymore.

abigail said...

Hey, that's my couch! And that's exactly what I loved doing on my Saturday mornings too, except with The Guardian paper.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, it's been really nice to read your stories and see your pics from home! Keep 'em coming...

Say hey to Brenda too... Big hugs xoxo

Chris said...

Hey Dezene, have fun batching it this week. Have the boys over and watch come action movies. I'm sure Joyel won't mind.

Hiya Abigail, I'm also having so much fun reading all about your world travels. The net sure makes the world a smaller place doesn't it.