Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mid Week Treat

I left the office almost on time tonight, 5:30'ish by the time I walked out the doors into DAYLIGHT! What a treat to be walking home while the sun is still shining. I even beat my flat-mate home. I was home early enough that I could actually cook a meal from scratch, something I only seem to have time to do on the weekends lately.

I did a recipe search on Epicurious to see what I could do with some plain old chicken breasts that didn't involve frying. Found a recipe that looked not bad but I was a bit disappointed in the end result. Part of the reason for this I think is that I didn't have proper bread crumbs. I had taken a slice of bread out of the freezer and toasted it and then pulverized it in a mortar and pestle but I think the bread was still a bit too moist. I think cracker crumbs would have worked better but I have yet to see a box of crackers here.

With my chicken I then roasted some butternut squash and zucchini and they were quite nice. Then as my treat for eating dinner before 10PM I cracked open a bottle of wine. A nice Cabernet Merlot blend by a Chilean winery called Monkey Puzzle. But only one glass as it's a school night as they say.

Now I'm curled up in bed trying to stay warm as the temperature has taken a bit of a dip this evening. I have my lovely BBC Olive magazine to lull me to sleep with dreams of recipes yet to try.

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