Friday, March 23, 2007

Brit Humour Part 2

Discovered this show while flat sitting for Brannon & Gloria for the month of November. Their DVD collection had the 1st season (or series as they say here) of this and in the name of cultural immersion we watched it a number of times.

I must admit we did need to stop it the odd time and repeat sections as sometimes the accents were a bit hard to decipher.

A little bit of trivia:

- Greg Hemphill (the employment officer in the sketch) was born in Glasgow, Scotland but left at age six. He spent much of his childhood in Montreal, Quebec, which has contributed to his distinctive Scottish-Canadian accent.

Number 2 - Chewin the Fat


Katie said...

Please tell me you've watched Still Game. It's one of the funniest sitomes of all time. By far.

Chris said...

I have been introduced to the characters via Chewin the Fat but haven't seen the series Still Game yet. I can never figure out when any of these shows are on. I don't have cable, just the 5 free channels.

If you know when & and on what channel it's on I'd be very thankful.

Katie said...

I'm not sure if it's still on - series 1-6 are available on DVD though. And you can watch clips of it on YouTube. It's the ultimate Glasgow comedy - most of it is shot in Maryhill and the West End.