Friday, July 24, 2009

Yes it's been a while...

I admit it. Lost my flow of thought I suppose.

This blog was started as a way to document my experience of moving to a new country. But that was 2 yrs and 9 months ago so how long does one continue to say this is 'new'.

True, I've moved to a new city, Edinburgh, 6 months ago. But it's not quite as exciting a transition as it's just another city 50 miles away.

What is it I should use this space for? I thought of doing the photo blog thing, but I use Flickr for that so it seems like duplication. The travel blog sometimes seems a little dull, kind of like when people ask you over to see their holiday slides and you're trapped for the next 6 hours.

Perhaps I should ask you out there... why do YOU read the Scottish Lemon? What would you like to see more of, less of?

While you are thinking about that, I will post an idea I had today when I was making my dinner.

The Thing I Like Today

Tomato & Basil Bloomer

What is a Bloomer you may ask?

Bloomer refers to a bread shape that is cylindrical, but flat on the bottom with several diagonal slashes across the top. The term most often describes a bread shape popular throughout Britain. Bloomers are made with many types of flour, although various types of wheat flour are the most popular. (at least according to this website it is)

Sainsbury's Tomato & Basil Bloomer

Fresh baked in store at Sainsbury's. It goes well with chili and pasta. It tastes very yummy when soaking up the last of the sauce from the plate. I like to toast it and then just spread a little butter on it.

It's the simple things in life that make me happy


Kristina said...

My opinion? Keep the travel blog! Ive mentioned before that I am a Scotland fanatic and that I would move there in a heartbeat (if I could get my family to come as well). So I get to live in Scotland through "your" experiences. You may be considered more a "local" nowadays, but to us Americans who can only dream of being there you are our hope that it could happen to us one day (ok, to ME one day lol)


DaviMack said...

And, for those of us who can't make our way over to Edinburgh ... tell us about it? I mean, we haven't seen you in months and months, and although you stand to inherit some chairs in a few years, we'd like to know what you're up to. How do we know you'd give them a good home?

Simon Varwell said...

I read your blog to keep up on what you're up to - though I get the same on your Flickr.

I guess you need to blog just whenever you feel like it, about whatever you feel like!

PurestGreen said...

I'm going to pop over to see your Flickr site, because I love your photos. It all comes down to the stories you feel like telling. If you are passionate about something and it come through in your photos and words, people will want to read it. I find that when I am feeling stuck in the rhythm of work and home, I need to get out, shake myself out of my routine. Then I can look around me and think "holy crap - I'm in Scotland!" - all over again.

Hope you find your muse!

Katie said...

I'd also like to hear more about how Edinburgh - I've been countless times, but I feel like you really ge a different perspective on a place once you live there.

Isabel said...

I think your blog should be like your photos. A quirky take on the interesting and the ordinary. Point out the things about Edinburgh that the locals don't notice. Tell us what you're up to. Tell us stories!

And I like the "Thing I like Today" idea, maybe that could be a regular feature.

The Radke's said...

I have really missed your updates since you took the haiatus. This is an easy way for me to read about what you are up to, latest interests and thoughts. Please keep it up, how else am I to live vacariously through you?

Laurel said...

I'm with the others, Chris. You have a great eye, not only for photography, but also for capturing the ordinary and making it anything but.

Keep it up, girlo! It was too quiet for too long.