Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday afternoons

I've found that Edinburgh has not one but two what I would qualify as art house cinema's, the Cameo and the Filmhouse That's not to say they only show foreign or independent film. But they don't tend to show the latest Hollywood blockbuster that is already showing at the big multiplex in some suburban shopping mall.

That's just fine with me.

I have an annual membership at both cinemas and that gets me discounts at the box office, the ability to purchase tickets on-line without a fee, and in the case of the Cameo free tickets to the Sunday double feature. Yes you read that right, free tickets every Sunday.

The Cameo

There is usually some kind of common thread between the two features. Either the actor, director or film genre. Sometimes they will match a current film with something from the past, or they'll show 2 films from the same decade. To be honest it doesn't really matter what the film is.

As you can see from the above shot the theatre has been renovated. The seats are very plush and comfy and you've actually got leg room. No ads or trailers are shown ahead of time, but sometimes one of the cinema staff will say a few words before the film if there is something of interest.

Some weeks the place is packed, the James Bond double feature was sold out. Last weekends Star Trek/Galaxy Quest was close to full. And other weeks it's just the diehards out there and you've got lots of room to spread out. Everyone is well behaved, no issues with someone taking a call on their mobile or talking throughout the film.

My only complaint is that the staff behind the bar and the sweeties counter seem to move in slow motion. It kind of reminded me of the staff at a vegan restaurant in Vancouver called the Naam. You didn't go there for fast service but for the food and relaxed atmosphere. I've taken the same approach at the Cameo. If I'm thinking I might want some popcorn or a pint of ale then I'll get there early to avoid the long queue.

Today I opted for no snacks (in case you were wondering).

So after all that, The Cameo Picturehouse gets to be my 'Thing I Like Today'

Now for a new feature, The Thing I DON'T Like Today

Bin Men work to rule continues

It has been almost a month since the bin men have been on work to rule. The city is not looking so pretty and not smelling very nice either. And the seagulls are becoming even more of a nuisance and noisy.


DaviMack said...

Awesome, on the theater! Me, I wish we'd known about the Trek / Quest one: we would have dragged ourselves to Edinburgh for that, no question.

As to the bins: the service when they DO "work" in Glasgow is very shoddy, too, just by its very structure. I mean, who locks a recycle bin? Yes, it's done everywhere here, and it's insane. Then, if you have a bunch of recycling (ever shop at Ikea?) and tie it all up neatly and lay it beside the bins? Well, then they give you a £50 fine for Fly Tipping! Insane!

Hope your folks begin to remove the rubbish again. Bleh.

t said...

Does "work to rule" mean that they're on strike? Apparently Toronto is going through this at the moment as well; it reeks, and a friend of mine whom immigrated from Ireland to Canada, and who has loved everything about it, is now ready to move to Vancouver. Ugh. And the seagulls are a bloody nuisance.

I'm dyeing y/our chair covers today. :)

Linda Martin said...
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Linda Martin said...
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