Monday, January 19, 2009

Slowing down

It has been a wacky, chaotic, busy couple of weeks.

- December 17th my parents arrived in Glasgow from Vancouver

- Dec 19 packed up my flat then hopped the train to Edinburgh to sign the lease and collect the keys to my new flat

- Dec 20 loaded up a large van and moved the majority of my stuff to Edinburgh

- Dec 21 head back to Glasgow to crash at a friends flat as I'm still working until the 31st (Mom and Dad stay at the Edinburgh flat)

- Dec 23 my parents joining me in Glasgow for the Christmas break

- Dec 27 Mom and Dad head back to Edinburgh

- Dec 30 drinks with a few friends from the office

- Dec 31 my last day at work, pack up what I can carry and hop the train to Edinburgh where once I arrive I shut the door to my bedroom and I have a good cry. It was an emotional day.

- Dec 31/Jan 1st, view the fireworks on Calton Hill and the Castle from the warmth of my lounge window. Pretty good views :)

- Jan 2 try to unpack/organise as much as I can in the flat

- Jan 3 pack my suitcase as we (Mom & Dad and I) go on a one week holiday to Lagos Portugal

- Jan 3, 4 & 5, suffer from a horrible cold that I caught during the last hour of the flight

- Jan 5 - 10th enjoy all Lagos has to offer

-Jan 10th, proceed to miss our return flight to Edinburgh thanks to our prebooked private shuttle to Faro Airport failing to arrive in a timely fashion. We were able to book flights departing the next day (for full fare of course) and find accommodation close by the airport.

- Jan 11th spend 10 hours in transit (Faro to Prestwick, miss the train by minutes, so sit at the Yale Pub in the airport for an hour enjoying a Pint and onion rings, catch the next train to Glasgow Central, discover the Glasgow Central trains to Edinburgh are not running that evening due to track maintenance, walk to Queen Street station, catch the 7PM service to Edinburgh, catch a taxi from Waverly Station to my flat).

- Jan 12th start my new job

- Jan 13th, discover bedroom radiator is leaking and boiler is dodgy

- Jan 14th boiler not working, no heat :(

- Jan 15th boiler & radiator get fixed

- Jan 16th hook up with the Edinburgh Flickr group and meet my fellow camera geeks, then discover how to get to Ikea by bus

- Jan 17th accompany my parents back to Glasgow to enjoy one last dinner at the Lansdowne Pub before sending them on their way to the Holiday Inn at the airport

- Jan 18th Mom and Dad fly home, it snows in Edinburgh and in the evening I enjoy the last of the risotto from the fridge and a glass of Rioja

No wonder I'm tired!

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Christina said...

Goodness! I hope things get back to (somewhat) normal for you soon.