Sunday, January 25, 2009

Settling In

Mom and Dad flew home on Monday. The rest of the week just ticked along as per normal with work and the home routine. My days are a little bit longer with the new job as I work 9 to 5:30 rather than 5:00 so that's taking a little bit to get used to but in reality an extra 30 minutes isn't a huge deal as with my previous job it was rare that I got out the door before 6.

But then it's Friday, 5:30 and it hits me. I don't really know anyone in town. There isn't the culture in this office of heading out to the pub after work as many of my colleagues don't live in the city and have trains to catch or families to get home to. So I stop at the Odd Bins on the way home and treat myself to a nice bottle of Italian Red Wine.

The weekend before me is spent with the continuous task of trying to make the flat feel like mine. I get curtains hung in the lounge (it was soooo drafty) and the bedroom. A towel rail in the bathroom and a small shelving unit in the kitchen to provide storage for my sauces and spices.

I've pretty much got the furniture where I want it. But now the daunting task before me is hanging my photographs. Its not just the figuring out what goes where, but the physical hanging of them. Its hard to do when you don't have a second person to say a little higher or to the right. But I managed to get the hallway or 'the gallery' done at least.

More flat photos to follow as I attempt to complete each room. There's just so much stuff to sort though and figure out where it's new home will be.

So one room at a time ...


Anonymous said...

Nice gallery kiddo. How has the reluctant boiler been behaving? Did the engineer ever get out to repair the gauge?

Rob said...

I like the hanging spice and sauce shelf. I could use one of those.

TadMack said...

Must be strange to live alone after having housemates for so long! I hope you enjoy it, and your gallery looks great.


DaviMack said...

And if you want a laser-level, we'll share. It's quite handy for getting those pictures at the same height!

Looks like a fabulous place you've got - I'm happy for you!