Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Speaking of Music that makes you want to dance...

Been going down a bit of a trip down memory lane with my iTunes today and have been listing to Billy Joel. I've got 5 of his albums on my laptop and have gone through them all this evening. It amazes me,

1 - that I still remember all the lyrics and
2 - how well his music has stood the test of time.

This man is an amazing songwriter.

My all-time favourite tune though is off the album:

The Bridge
Track 6

Big Man on Mulberry Street

The horns make it one seriously sexy song. And who can forget that Moonlighting episode.

Ah yes the 80's......


Maggs said...

funny, i had a billy joel moment at work today, when piano man came on the radio. have to say my favourite is just the way you are. cheesy i know, but there you are.

kenny8blog said...

Hi Chris,tried to get on follow list but "blogger" don't seem to
accept The Scottish Lemon when requested.