Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Saturday Walkabout


D J & E Huber said...

Nice pictures. Did you take them before, or after, you polished off that bottle of Glen's vodka? :)

D said...

first shot: Byres Road, near University Avenue?
5th shot: looking from BBC over at the theatre thingie?
7th shot: just about everywhere in Glasgow?

Chris said...

Hey D, good eye ;) The theatre 'thingie' (notice the single quotations) is the Science Centre. Shots 6, 7 and 8 were all taken on the south side across the street from Aquatron Dive Centre while I was waiting for a friend.

D said...

Ahh, yes. The single quotations. And 'centre' instead of 'center'. (Note that the punctuation falls outside of the silly wee quotes as well.)

I should've said 'thingummy', in keeping with where we are, huh? (It's actually in the Oxford English Dictionary, of all the horrors.)

And, to confuse matters, that would be pronounced appropriately, too: thing-me.