Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And Now, The Answers

- Sort of, but it looks like I missed you.

- it depends on what year, Calah was the earliest but Nineveh was the last.

- I didn't have to sign anything to get into the country saying I would eat a specific quota of Haggis, but it is the traditional dinner on January 25th (Robbie Burns Day). I didn't see any frozen dinners (it's usually vacuum packed) but it is a regular staple on the grocery store shelves. The below shot was taken today as proof, it's on the middle shelf.

- the square root of pi

- By hanging on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society.

- The architecture & the fabulous selection of single malts in the pubs
- Biblio Cafe
- Stravaigin
- I don't know if it counts as bizarre, but having a conversation over a pint (at the Stravaigin of course) with an American Comedian. But it might have been more than a fortnight ago.
- Learning to speak a foreign language fluently
- I have a dream of creating my own business giving one on one cooking lessons in peoples homes
- A pair that fit properly and don't make my feet look smaller than what they already are. But really I'm more a sucker for boots
- Nope

- 42

- I don't have children so at this point and time I'm not qualified to answer that question

- I'm not allowed to talk to strangers

- Long term yes, but not necessarily in Scotland as I'd be happy pretty much anywhere in the UK.


D J & E Huber said...

Uh... vegetarian haggis? There is absolutely no way that William Wallace would have touched that stuff!

Simon Varwell said...

Hey ho, sorry to miss you. Hope all's well and see you soon.

Maggs said...

oh no, i missed my chance to ask you a question! was going to ask what is your favourite number, but now i guess i'll never know...