Sunday, December 09, 2007


Well there's no denying it now. Winter is upon us.

I picked the wrong day to forgo the long wool coat. I went on a little excursion out to Ikea yesterday with the idea that I'd then walk down to the Braehead shopping mall afterwards. When I had walked out the store to the darkness (it was only about 4:00) I was greeted by blowing wet snow.


The intention of getting to the mall was 1 - to be indoors, and 2 - to try and finish my Christmas shopping. But I was just not having any luck. I had my mental list written but couldn't find anything. Oh for The Bay or Zellers where I know where to find what I wanted in the store. I'm still not all that familiar with the shops here so that was a bit frustrating.

So after walking around the entire mall the first time I gave up on Christmas gifts as I wasn't able to locate anything on my list. So second tactic was to attempt to look for some boots. As you've heard me say before I have very small feet so finding shoes is almost impossible. But with a boot I can get away with something that is perhaps a bit on the larger size as I can wear some thick socks and then also as it surrounds your leg it won't fall off. But that was a bust as well. Seems most stores don't have anything under a size 4 when it comes to boots.

So spend the whole day out, got chilled to the bone and came home with nothing other than a box of light bulbs for one of the lamps in the lounge.

But it did get me out of the house.


Anonymous said...

For $68.00 CAD you could ask someone near and dear to you to ship them to Glasgow...just pick the pair you want or describe in detail, and I'm sure a size 5 or even possibly a 4 1/2 coud be found.

Peggy said...

I can't believe you walked in the dark to Ikea! Brave Chick!

Braehead is okay. I like Sauchiehall Street better, but it's not a mall. What about The Galleries at the end of Sauchiehall Street?

basest said...

If you stay in, you won't have any need for the boots!

The Chicago area is currently living under the threat of an ice storm. I keep looking out the far, traffic is moving along at a nice pace, so I imagine the storm will hit right about the time I leave work.

sexy said...