Sunday, December 23, 2007

Things To Do In York

I apologize for the lateness of getting this posted. I've been drafting it for close to 2 months now and just can't seem to finish it. So enough already here it is in all it's incompleteness...


Continuing on with the October vacation. Took a 4 day mini-break and travelled to York, England. Pretty easy to get there via train, Glasgow to Edinburgh, then switch trains and it's a direct line to York.

We booked a B&B that was a convenient 15 min walk to the city centre. But to get there initially we grabbed a taxi from the train station as we had no idea where we were going. Got a great cabby who gave us some fabulous commentary as he drove us to our destination. Tips on what to see, which pub to check out etc.

Now I'm not going to go into a day by day detailed analysis of everything I did but I will highlight for you the things you really should see & do.

Under the 'To Do' list, have a cheap lunch by grabbing a Cornish Pasty and sit on a park bench to people watch. (notice how beautifully displayed it is, I should be able to sell this as a print ad or something).

The river Ouse runs through the town and you cross it as you walk towards the old town from the train station.

It really is such a cute little town, every block there's something picture worthy. Be it something as mundane and ordinary as a mailbox..

Or something as spectacular as the ruins of St Mary's Abbey .

Or something as quaint as a line of bicycles.

But the big draw is the York Minster.

When I was eating the above mentioned Cornish Pasty the church bells started ringing so I shot a wee video (the quality is horrid I know)

The weather wasn't all that great while we were there for our little city break. I think the sun came out the day we arrived and then again the day we left but cool cloudy days are good when you're on your feet all day.

A lovely, lovely town. I'd go back in a heartbeat.


Grayza said...

That looks like a very rare post box! I've never seen one with 'GR' on it - the letters and the coat of arms belong to the reigning monarch when the box was made so most have EiiR on them now.

I feel very nerdy for knowing this :-<

Rob said...

Maybe it's just the video, but those seem like incredibly loud bells.

York looks very interesting. I'd like to visit there someday.

Hope you're having a nice holiday.

clipp2nd said...

This post box is a George V circa.1910 to 1936

Jimmy said...


Still have time to wish you
a very happy Christmas, Chris

God Bless