Tuesday, December 25, 2007

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the flat
A wee creature was scurrying
Because we don't have a cat

Yes the little critter is back.

A while back when I returned from one of my business trips my flatmate had informed me she saw something brown, furry and moving one night in the lounge. That was months ago and I never saw it so I was starting to think perhaps she'd imagined it or something.


On Sunday we were sitting in the lounge and we both heard it. A wee little scurry sound and we both looked at each other, then towards the corner we heard it. But couldn't see anything. Again I started to doubt and said, it must have been a leaf falling off the plant or something.



Yes, the night before Christmas

B was in the kitchen when she saw something scurry out of the corner of her eye move from behind the fridge to behind the hob. Then a little later she saw it again, something moving, brown, furry and wee move from out behind the hob back to behind the fridge again. This time she stood a bit further back from the edge of the counter and waited and watched. Then she saw it, quite clearly this time scurrying on the floor along the length of the bottom cupboard back to behind the hob again.

We have a mouse.

It doesn't surprise me really. This place is so old I'm sure they have quite the network of paths all throughout the tenement. This week the temperature has really dropped outside, we even had frost on the ground Sunday morning. So I'm sure the wee little critters have moved in and up to try and keep warm. There must be access holes to the walls in behind the fridge and hob and that's how the little guy is moving around.

B the fastidiously clean person that she is got in the kitchen right away with the vacuum to make sure there is nothing for our friend to eat (our kitchen is usually very very clean, but you can never be too sure). And also hoping that the noise of the vacuum would scare him away.

I've still never seen him, but somehow it just seems a little appropriate to have a Christmas mouse this day in our flat.

But boxing day, he needs to go away back to where he came from.


Anonymous said...

How appropriate - a Christmas Mouse. Sounds like a good start for a children's story (when you have some spare time)..

Mellifluous Dark said...

We have mice, too, Chris. I think there are (were) two of the critters. Ours are expired mice and are underneath floorboards.

They smell... bad. Yuk.

I hope your mouse is not problematic!