Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life goes on

Here's the weekly update (I do seem to recall mentioning a while back that it may come to weekly updates once I started working)

The weekend
- Saturday was a girls trip to Edinburgh. It was a grey misty rainy kinda day but the temperature was warm so that made it bearable. First stop was a journalist photography exhibit at the Scottish Parliament. Some heart wrenching photos but inspiring just the same. Then a little lunch at a funky cafe on High Street. Walked around and caught some of the hub-bub going on as various actors were shamelessly flogging their shows at all the local theatres. Then a pint at The Blue Blazer (old man's pub off the beaten track). As we were working on our second round a ruby match got out and all the fans started to pile in and the singing began. Next up a little shopping in the Grassmarket area full of cool vintage shops. Lastly we finished the day with a play called 'Marry Me A Little'. Then hop on the train home.

* I've posted pictures from that day on my flickr site which you can access via the link on my side bar.

- Sunday was church and B and I were on team so early wake-up call in order to make the rehearsal. It was a good service and I really feel like I'm finally learning all the new music so can enjoy the moment rather than panicking trying to remember how the next song goes.

The Week

The pace of things at the office is slowing down a bit in that the phones aren't ringing as much. This doesn't necessarily mean that my life gets any less busy, but it does mean that I finally get the opportunity to do the 'management' type things that I'm supposed to do. I gave my first performance appraisal for one of my staff, had some 6 month reports (more pie charts and bar graphs - goody) to do for a Trustee Meeting, a client conference call and trying to mentor a junior staff member that has some low self esteem.

I also have a number of self study courses or on-line modules that need to be done in the next few months. I can't really do them during working hours as I get too many interruptions. So the plan is to try and do at least 60 to 90 minutes a night during the week. Reading all about pension legislation and management skills should put me right to sleep.

Thursday (today) I am flying to our head office in London for an editors meeting for the company staff magazine. The editors are a rotating group made up of a cross of employees from all the UK offices. A few weeks ago an email went out looking for volunteers and one of my staff that knows I've been dabbling in writing said I should definitely put my name in. I did and I got it so off I go. It feels so decedent to be flying to London and back same day (keep those BA miles piling up) but I'm not liking the fact that the cab is picking me up at 6AM as I'm on the 7:30 flight. It will be a long day but should be fun.

So that's my life in a nutshell to this point. Hope to have some more interestsingesness (yes Mom I know that's not a word) things to blog about on the weekend. But right now work has been all I've been thinking about lately so that's what I must write.


Gordon said...

I've been struggling to blog as, like you, I've been wholly consumed by work in the past few weeks. I've a backlog of posts and 'stuff' to do.

Katie said...

I feel your pain - pension legislation is possibly the most boring topic of all time (the website that I work on gives advice about employment law, so unfortunately I've had to read a lot about it myself.)

Anonymous said...

You spent your time atop the "seat of learning" at Grandma's house. Ask yourself, what would she say about interestsingesness ??

Rob said...

I have a really hard time motivating myself to get through online courses. Although it's been maybe six years since I tried, so I hope my study habits have improved since then. Good luck with those!

Mellifluous Dark said...

Work can be a pain, but a necessary one, I guess (I tell myself). I hope your week eased up, Chris.