Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paris Day 2

Yesterday was all about Art, today it's religion. Well religious architecture at the Notre Dame Cathedral. I check Google weather again this morning and it says the high is 16 with rain so I layer up with the sweater and jean jacket. But once outside the sun is shining, there's a bit of a breeze but it feels warm.

We walk down Blvd St Germaine for a bit to a bakery Mom had picked up the baguette from on Friday and we pick up some lunch to go and we're going to eat in the park. I have the best sandwich in the word. A yummy baguette with salami, pickles and butter - brings back memories of my school lunches when I was a kid. For dessert with bought 2 HUGE coconut macaroons half dipped in dark chocolate. Sinful. As I was enjoying my lunch I kept noticing this family beside us and the little boy kept looking behind him with such intensity that I was wondering what it was that was holding his attention. Finally I saw it too, a wee little mouse zipping in and out from the hedge to the grass looking for food. He was soooooo cute.

Once our lunch was done we went to the cathedral. Does it make me a bad person to say I found the interior of this church kind of boring. I've been to many churches through-out my travels and this one just seemed well, dull. Now I'll give you the exterior - that is breathtaking and massive, but inside there just didn't seem to be anything special. The history of the building itself is quite interesting. I didn't realize that by 1831 when Victor Hugo's novel Notre-Dame de Paris was published the cathedral was in really bad shape. In 1804 for the crowning of Emperor Napoleon the crumbling walls had to be disguised with wall hangings and ornamentation. During the Revolution, the cathedral was even sold to a scrap dealer, but was never actually demolished.

Walking out of the cathedral the weather had taken a 180 degree turn. The sky is now dark with black clouds rolling in and a serious wind is swirling around and it's going to rain at any moment. Time to head back to the apartment to take cover. On the way I spy a Thai Grocer so I'm going to zip in and see what they have while Mom & Dad continue on. Just as I start to cross the street a gale hits with such force I think I'm in Glasgow. The rain starts to pelt down and the groceries outdoor stands are starting to blow over. So I linker in the shop for a bit and decide they've got pretty much all I need to make a Thai Green curry, they even have a large bad of Thai Basil - yum. Groceries purchased I step outside and the wind and rain have pretty much stopped. But the time I get back to the apartment it's blue sky and sunshine again. Bizarre.

I grab a quick afternoon snooze at the apartment and then Dad and I head out for a walk. There is this thing called Le Pantheon that looks interesting and according to the map it doesn't look too far away. I want to try and find it and if it's close then we can go there tomorrow. It is close, only about a 10 minute walk and it's massive. Also out front you've got a great view of the Eiffel tower. I snap some pictures as who knows what the weather will be like tomorrow.

Dinner tonight is at a Lebanese restaurant across the street. When Mom & Dad arrived on Friday they met a resident of the building in the hall and he recommended this place. Yesterday when we walked by we went in to make a reservation. I felt bad as she excused herself went into the back and then came out and said, "Normally we are closed on Sunday, but I just spoke with the chef and he says for the 3 of you we will open up" I tried to explain that we were going to be here for a couple more days so we could come Monday but she insisted that Sunday was fine. So here we are going to this place, I said to my Dad "even if the entire meal is full of chick peas you will enjoy this" (he hates chick peas). The food is wonderful, we even had a bottle of Lebanese wine with it and it was nice as well. Good recommendation

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