Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Wrote A Story

So I entered a creative writing contest hosted by The Moon Topples blog site. It was an interesting process for me. I did the first draft fairly quickly, about an hour. Then spend the rest of the day tweaking it trying to add more clarity and focus.

Writing it was the easy part, here's the story of how I attempted to get it submitted before the deadline.

Saturday - finished the story but at that point I'd lost the Internet connection and it did not come back up for the whole weekend.

Sunday AM - caught a cab a little before 7AM to travel to Barcelona for a holiday. Couldn't find an i-cafe type place in the Gothic Quarter (well one who's service was actually working),

Monday - found a dodgy looking internet centre but it only had keyboards and monitors so no way to transfer a file. Finally at the 11th hour stumbled upon a business centre open late for reasonable cost and broadcasting a wi-fi signal so I could use my laptop. Phew!

If you want to read it, click here.

Paris Day 3, 4 and the return trip home to follow this weekend. I was back to work today so am feeling quite tuckered and am heading to bed early. I promise to finish up on my lazy Saturday morning.


basest said...

I went over to MoonTopples to read the story, and commented on it there...lovely. I love the additional story about submission here. Glad you made the effort.

Chris said...

Hey thanks for the kind words.