Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Penny Dreadful

Sitting on my sofa just reading my emails not even thinking of dinner yet as I'm just not hungry. My mobile goes off and it's L from work.

You said you weren't doing anything tonight right?

Yup - that's the plan, a whole lotta nothin'

We've got a spare theatre ticket tonight, it's only a fiver, no idea what it is, want to join us?


Be there in about 10 minutes (she just lives around the corner from me).

The show was 'The Mystery of Irma Vemp' and was at the Royal Lyceum Theatre. It was a nice bit of fun.. A very camp show consisting of two men playing all the parts so of course there was some cross dressing involved. The cheap tickets were part of the First Fridays deal, kind of like a dress rehearsal I guess. No assigned seating so you need to arrive early. But this is the theatre, no stampedes as everyone queued as they tend to do here in the UK.

At intermission the ushers come down to the audience to sell mini-tubs of Haagen Daz ice-cream which I found really strange, but it seemed immensely popular. Why ice-cream at the theatre?

Speaking of the theatre, it's very nice.

After the show we walked home going around the back part of the castle and up into the old town. I found it funny that as we crossed onto the street at the foot of the castle there was a big sign pointing towards it that said...


I must go back during the daylight and take a picture. Makes me wonder how many tourists have stood with their back to the sign, underneath this massive looming presence and said to their spouse 'I wonder where the castle is'.

Took this shot as we walked up the hill just before connecting up with the Royal Mile.

It was a good night.


DaviMack said...

Gasp! You have Culture there! ;)

Anonymous said...

The chandelier looks like the one in the Pantages theater in Toronto - very very classy.

If they wanted to impress ME, they would serve buttered popcorn at half-time.....Mom

Richard Findlay said...

My lyceum pics:

Peggy said...

Ice cream is a traditional UK interval treat. At first I thought it was nice but odd as well. I have been here so long now, I forgot that it was different to N. America. You've just reminded me of that. Thanks.

word verification tonight is - bakin

I love when the word verification makes real or almost real words.

DaviMack said...

And a quick aside to Peggy: yep, you've been here awhile, if you're saying "different to" rather than "different from" or "different than." It's certainly a UK way to say that phrase, and it drives me batty!