Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its amazing what people search for

As most of you are aware I post all my photography (the good and the crap) on Flickr. Its main function is that of an archive but also a way to bridge the distance between here (Scotland) and home (Canada). Many of my friends are on Flickr so its fun being able to check out the vacation shots when one gets home or to get that feel good warmth when I look at pictures of my cats at my folks place.

But there is also the sharing aspect. You can join groups to post your work to in order to receive critic to better your craft or just to meet some really interesting people. I belonged to the Glasgow Flickr meet up group when I lived there as a way to not only meet other camera geeks but also to get out there in and discover the hidden areas of the city. I've done the same here now in Edinburgh, although I haven't been out all that much yet to actually take some shots but I have attended the 2 social evenings at least (they're such a friendly bunch).

Then (and this is the reason for the post) there is the utterly random. You can look up the statistics on your photostream. What shots were viewed yesterday, how many times, how were they seen (i.e. people going directly to your stream or viewed from a group) or what photos were searched for.

This is my most viewed photo:

Ok everyone together now 'WHY???' Because I titled it Genetic Mutations and EVERY DAY I can see that people either through Flickr, Google Images, Google Search, Yahoo Images or Yahoo Search the masses out there will type in the words 'genetic mutations' and hit search and my photo pops up. Probably not what they were looking for but I find it funny. How many pre-med students have seen my work, or budding mad scientists?

And for those of you wondering, its a TV show prop that was sitting on my cousins balcony because it was just too cool to throw away.

And now its famous.

(oh and I'm running late so I'll add in all the hyper links and some more reference photos later tonight after work)


D J E and M Huber said...

Strange, indeed. One of our most popular is this one, because people search for "vegetable garden" all the time:


My truly most-popular one, though, is this one, which I am actually quite proud of:


DaviMack said...

It's truly odd, how people end up at our sites. We've a blog-friend Neil who gets most of his hits because he's expressed an opinion about Irish Stew. He is most distressed about this.

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