Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Under Siege

No it's not a Steven Seagal flick but the scene outside the office this morning.

Sitting at my desk I could hear the distant sound of pipers. Being Glasgow that's not entirely unexpected so didn't really think much of it. However, a bit later my curiosity was piqued when I started to hear shouting. I looked to my right and could see a number of people crowded around a window looking at the commotion outside. So of course I needed to see what was going on.

And this is what I saw

A whole bunch of men in desert camouflage and guns standing in formation for 3 blocks.

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. My main question is:


According to one of my colleagues they are the Royal Highland Fusiliers. Goody, but what are they doing outside with guns? A quick search of their website gives me no answers and I don’t see anything on the BBC website either.

Every now and then one of the guys in charge shouts something and guns get moved from left shoulder to right, or they turn to the right, or the stomp in place. I'm becoming suspicious that this is just a delay tactic as one guy keeps checking his watch.

Eventually the 'colours' walk past and get into formation, everyone turns to the right and off they go down the street and round the corner.

I'm unclear as to if it will be safe to leave the building to purchase my lunch when there are random regiments marching around in desert camouflage.

*Update* after dinner I did another search on the news sites and found this article on The Herald website

Oh and if that wasn't enough interestingness enough for my day... This was the view outside at 4:13PM

Um a girl in ugly underwear, dancing on a broken wooden box.

The Scottish are a strange people


graham said...

aww, I wish I had known this was happening today. The troops that is, not the odd lady with the broken box.

Lots of marches seem to start from around where your office is and the only reason I can see is that it is a downhill walk to George Square.

t said...

O...kay. Occasionally when we lived near Skypark we'd see these guys in the parking lot across the road, being shouty and uniformed, but never to this extent. I would be mightily, intrigued by the guns. I would be less than thrilled by them standing outside of my office for ages, blocking my escape to the underground.

The chica with the box is worrying me. It's really too darned cold for the pants dancing. Really.