Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Love for Red Footwear

Apparently this started at a young age as shown by this photograph taken by my Dad.

Anyone who has been following my flickr page will have noticed I've become a bit enamoured with my red shoes. I took a nice group photo of my various red shoes/boots at the time back in November 2006.

However, in January 2008 I began the obsession with one particular pair. I called them my disco shoes as they had glitter imbedded in the fabric and some red plastic 'jewels' stuck on the sides (very out of character for me).

That first shot was taken in the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art. I thought it was a cool shot and after that day I started happily snapping away at my lovely red sneakers in various locations.

On the shore of the Thames in Greenwich

In the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

The South Side of Glasgow

You get the idea.

The odd time I'd stray outside the norm and take a shot of my other shoes but I don't think it had the same impact as my red disco shoes.

But then it happened. The shoes were dying :( They were starting to get uncomfortable to wear and holes were developing in the soles. When I think about it I bought those shoes more than 10 years ago for something like $3.00 at Payless (50% off an already ridiculously low price). I was surprised they'd lasted as long as they did as Payless isn't really know for excellent quality.

I had the idea in my head that I wanted to replace them with a pair of red Converse All Star shoes but this was getting difficult as I have tiny feet (UK size 2). I was on holiday in London over the summer so I decided this would be a good opportunity to hit the shops and get a new pair. I went into a number of shops but I couldn't find any red ones in the correct size. So eventually I gave up and purchased these instead.

I like them, they fit well and with swapping the laces I think they are a bit of fun. But if I'm honest with myself they just don't have that special 'thing' about them. They aren't magical.

And then I saw them…

Aren't they beautiful? Can you feel the magic? My Ruby Slippers, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. These will be the best shoes ever!

Let the magic begin.


Abigail said...

Haha - this is hilarious. I too have an obsession with red shoes - and red sparkly ones especially. I have three pairs - Diesel trainers, little flat pumps and the most fabulous pair of Dorothy style heeled glitter ruby slippers. Unfortunately, not one pair allows me to click my heels three times and magic myself somewhere amazing... xoxo

Peggy said...

It could be a lifetime affair!

I love your red shoes!

Christina said...

Sigh! I love those shoes? But how are you going to keep them dry? I have been finding many cute shoes in Glasgow in the last two weeks, but I'm so afraid of ruining shoes here.

DaviMack said...

That first picture is absolutely priceless! Awesome shot!

Noelia said...

oooh, I *see* the magic! :-D

sexy said...