Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On Holiday, Day 8 - All Things Brighton and Beautiful

Yes I've been back home in Glasgow for over a week now but I'm still not done boring you all with my holiday down south. So let us continue with the day trip to Brighton.

It's very easy to get to Brighton from London. There are direct trains that leave from Victoria Station and it takes a little over an hour and 15 minutes to get there. Normally that would be a dull uneventful trip. But not today. No today it just so happens that it is the Pride in Brighton Festival.

The train was jam packed with many happy partying people. By 10:30 someone had cracked open the champagne and I've seen far too many men in thongs before having any caffeine in my blood stream. Then when I got to the station there was a flood of pink, feather boas, a man attempting to put on a wedding dress... I was in awe.

I sat down for a bit just to take it all in. While in my seat I struck up a conversation with a little old lady sitting next to me who had commented on what a nice job I had done braiding my hair. She was a local, and it just so happens had a daughter living on Vancouver Island (small world). She too was enjoying the spectacle and said the festival just gets bigger and bigger each year. She was all for it as it brought in the tourists, and money for the local businesses "and everyone is just so happy" she says. That just cracked me right up.

So at this point you're probably wondering, well where are the photos of all these happy people. I admit knowing I was going to be in the middle of all this I thought I was going to be my photography focus. But once there, I kinda thought that was too easy. So instead I attempted to capture Brighton without all the glitz and glam.


DaviMack said...

I must just say that I love your pictures. The "motorcycles jumping cars" one, in particular, but also the others - you've an eye for interesting things!

strugglingwriter said...

Those were some great, interesting pictures. Particularly the last one.

Noelia said...

I am discovering your blog thanks to Expat-blog.
Congatulations! (and I'll certainly be back!)